March 1, 2021

Curt Schilling shouldn’t get his way in Hall of Fame drama (New York Post)

Tuesday could’ve been written off as a mulligan for baseball, an undesired result paired with a desirable outcome.

And then Curt Schilling had to open up his big, fat, bigoted mouth once again.

So now the Baseball Hall of Fame must cope with this unusual, if not altogether unprecedented, situation: The top vote-getter on its 2021 writers’ ballot — 71.1 percent, 16 yeses away from immortality — wants off of next year’s slate on the account of his contempt for the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

His request shouldn’t be granted. Because the Hall of Fame isn’t about one snowflake’s hurt feelings. It’s about the game itself and the fans who support it.

Look, I’d like to see Schilling in the Hall. I’ve voted for him each of his nine years on the ballot (next year would be his 10th and last) because of his stellar pitching performance from 1988 through 2007. I believe the right-hander fell short in the early years of his candidacy because his old-school statistics — most notably his 216 wins — fell short of perceived greatness according to too many voters who unfortunately weren’t up to speed on what mattered and what…

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