March 1, 2021

Scott Rolen makes big jump in Baseball Hall of Fame voting (New York Post)

While the very top of the 2021 Baseball Hall of Fame writers’ ballot barely moved, the good times rolled in the middle class.

On a day when no players gained the required 75 percent of votes, the most encouraging days came from a quintet of players who placed fourth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth. Third baseman Scott Rolen, the fourth-place guy, registered the largest increase, 17.6 percentage points, going to 52.9 percent in his fourth year. With six years left, Rolen now looks like a strong candidate to win election.

Other big winners: Rockies icon Todd Helton (third year), who leapt 15.7 percentage points to 44.9; former Mets closer Billy Wagner (sixth year), who climbed 14.7 points to 31.7; center fielder Andruw Jones (fourth year), who increased 14.5 points to 33.9; and Gary Sheffield (seventh year), the former slugger for the Yankees and Mets among many other clubs, who enjoyed a 10.1 percentage-point pickup to 40.6.

The top-three finishers — Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens — each climbed less than 2 percent, and the nuclear trio gets just one more year on the writers’ ballot, unless the Hall accedes to Schilling’s wish to…

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