April 17, 2021

Dodgers: Dave Roberts on Having an Offense First Catcher Like Will Smith (Dodgers Nation)

The Dodgers have a really interesting tandem behind the plate set for the next couple of years. Between Austin Barnes and Will Smith, they have two different guys who thrive on opposite sides of the ball. 

While Austin Barnes puts up elite framing skills behind the plate, Will Smith continues to put up ridiculous numbers with the bat. The two are such a good combination that the Dodgers found ways to get them both in the lineup in 2020. 

But without the universal DH in 2021, the starting job is Will Smith’s to lose. Austin Barnes will get reps with Kershaw and perhaps other veteran pitchers, but Dave Roberts will lean on Smith. Doc recently talked about the luxury that it is to have a guy like Smith behind the plate with the bat that he brings. 

To have a guy that’s really elite back behind the plate and to feel comfortable hitting him somewhere in the middle of the lineup vs right, vs left is certainly a luxury. And again, all the credit goes to Will and the hitting guys…He’s constantly getting better and he’s just scratching the surface. 

To say that Smith thrived with the bat during the 2020 season is an understatement. He was a huge part of the…

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