April 17, 2021

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Reveals Likely 2021 Lineup (Dodgers Nation)

It’s the first day of Spring Training games and people already want to know what the Dodgers lineup will look like in 2021. With the departure of Joc Pederson and Kiké Hernández in free agency, the consensus seems to be there will be some normalcy in the day-to-day.

Dave Roberts sort of confirmed that when he was asked what his lineup might look like during the season. The Dodgers manager basically said that it’s going to be a lot of what we saw last year, minus the few guys that left. 

Doc named these guys in his predictions for his average starting lineup:

I think that obviously looking at where Mookie, Corey, JT, Max and Cody, and Will Smith in the middle. And now you’re talking about the bottom third, kind of Pollock in the middle, CT in that area. And then toward the back third the Lux’s, Barnes, kind of like that. And then you kind of have a lot of other really good options to integrate. 

The top of the Dodgers lineup probably won’t change much at all during the regular season, barring any injuries. The middle of the order that Roberts listed projects to see a little bit of platoon role depending on the position, but AJ Pollock will likely get…

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