April 17, 2021

Dodgers: Is the Second Base Job Gavin Lux’s to Lose? Roberts Gives Him a Runway (Dodgers Nation)

The time is now for the Dodgers and second baseman Gavin Lux… same as it was last season. A rough 2020 admittedly left the infield prospect with a “bad taste in his mouth.” He struggled on both sides of the ball and was left off the postseason roster, ultimately watching his club win the World Series from the bench.

He doesn’t want that in 2021.

Early conversations around Dodgers camp seem to be pointing to the now 23-year-old as the preferred starting second baseman of Dave Roberts and company. On Monday, we took a dive into the simple question, is the second base job Gavin Lux’s to lose?



According to Dave Roberts, Lux is getting all the chances in the world to secure the gig this season.

Every day he’s going to go out there and keep getting better. I do think giving him a runway to play second base, I think is a good thing for him, and a good thing for the Dodgers.

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