April 16, 2021

Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s Agent Explains How He Almost Had to Choose the Mets (Dodgers Nation)

Dodgers fans experienced a roller coaster of emotions on the day of Trevor Bauer’s free agency decision. The reports leading up to that Friday all suggested that he was on the verge of picking the Mets, and the rumors that day further enforced that. 

Bauer’s team also accidentally released Mets-related gear on his website. For Dodgers fans, that was the final indication that he was indeed going to New York. But after a whole lot of confusion and questioning, Bauer had a deal with Los Angeles within hours. 

As it turns out, that mistake by his team almost cost the Dodgers. Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba made an appearance on the Starting 9 podcast (language warning) this week to talk about those final hours of his decision.  

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Luba revealed that Bauer was so upset that his team had teased Mets fans with the release that it almost led him to sign with New York. Luba went on to explain how she advised Bauer to take a walk and think about it, ultimately returning to tell her he wanted to sign with the Dodgers. 

Bauer has expressed to New York fans that it was an accident and that he is very…

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