April 22, 2021

Mets’ Michael Conforto had COVID-19 before spring training (New York Post)

Michael Conforto’s offseason workouts were derailed by a positive test for COVID-19.

The Mets outfielder revealed Sunday that he had the virus about two weeks before reporting to spring training and fell behind schedule in preparing for camp.

“I was very lucky,” Conforto said. “I had really mild symptoms. My fiancée had it more on the moderate side, she experienced everything. I certainly had some shortness of breath and it wasn’t easy for me, being so close to spring training I was really trying to work out, and I just couldn’t do that.”

Conforto indicated he had been inactive for 12 days when he arrived at camp, but by the official start of workouts he felt built up enough to participate in a normal progression.

Conforto has spoken to the team trainers about whether he needs the COVID vaccine now that he’s acquired antibodies through the infection. He said he wasn’t comfortable revealing whether he would get vaccinated.

“It’s a personal choice and everybody has their own opinions on whether or not they are going to get vaccinated,” Conforto said. “What I will say is when we get home anyone who wants the…

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