April 21, 2021

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Happy to Be Getting Out of Coors Field (Dodgers Nation)

There is never a point in a game at Coors Field in which you can sit back and feel comfortable. No matter the lead that the Dodgers might have, fans know that anything can happen and that games can turn around in an instant. 

Just take a look at Trevor Bauer’s start. He carried a no-hitter into the 7th inning before being removed from the game. By the time that inning was over, the Dodgers were up 11 to 6. It just goes to show you how quickly the wheels can fall off. 

Add in Cody Bellinger’s would-be homerun on Opening Day and the cat that stormed the field over the weekend, and you just have an odd series altogether. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts talked after the game on Sunday about getting out of Colorado and how relieving that was. 

There’s always a relief when you get out of Coors. I think that our guys do a good job in embracing the schedule and coming in here as far as schedule. But certainly, it’s taxing. I think physically, mentally on the players and myself. But it was exciting baseball all the way around, and ultimately,  to win 3 of 4 here was a good start for our season. 

Those aren’t the only quirks that the Dodgers dealt with. They…

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