April 17, 2021

MLB Encouraging Players to Get Vaccinated in Most Recent Memo (Dodgers Nation)

With COVID-19 still being prominent in the United States, safety precautions will still be in effect until further notice for the 2021 MLB season. These requirements, of course, include wearing a mask, social distancing, and continuing to test players regularly.

Now, Major League Baseball is giving teams more of an incentive to encourage their players to get vaccinated for the time being. 

The league states that if each team has at least 85% of their players and/or staff vaccinated, they will no longer need to wear masks while in the dugout or in the bullpen. Additionally, players won’t need to follow the social distance mandate that has been enforced as closely. This means they can have more close encounters, such as gatherings outside of games and carpooling.

In essence, a return to normalcy… or something closer to it.  

However, it is important to mention that the league will not force players to get vaccinated. Each person will still have a choice in whether…

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