April 12, 2021

Poor start won’t stop Braves from winning World Series (New York Post)

PHILADELPHIA — April is the cruelest month for the tiny society of people who predict Major League Baseball season outcomes.

Let’s say you put your name on the idea that the Atlanta Braves will win it all this year. Then you watch them stumble out of the gate, getting swept in three games by Joe Girardi’s Phillies.

That’s when you have to remind yourself that playing the first three games out of 162 would be like running the first 11 seconds of a 10-minute mile. That you certainly wouldn’t stop running after 11 seconds if something went wrong. You keep running. Therefore you stick to what you published less than a week ago.

(By the way, this calming technique also can apply to fans who worry that their team is, say, 1-2).

Last year, I picked the Dodgers to make the World Series…and lose to the A’s. Oh well.

Here’s a deeper dive into why I went the way I did with this season’s picks:

AL East

1. New York Yankees

2. Toronto Blue Jays (WC) 

3. Tampa Bay Rays

4. Boston Red Sox

5. Baltimore Orioles

Yup, I’m going to stick with the Yankees to prevail despite their sudden transformation to the 2018-19 Mets on the…

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