April 21, 2021

The Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton situation (New York Post)

Giancarlo Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton
NYPost composite: Getty Images

Panic! Panic! Just kidding, it’s three games into a 162-game season. The Yankees lost two of three games to open the season against the Blue Jays in The Bronx. The bats didn’t do much, but they did get six dominant innings out of the bullpen Sunday from Michael King. Shockingly enough though, Giancarlo Stanton was booed by some Yankees fans…on Opening Day. He then was not in the lineup on Sunday. Should fans boo a player this early, and should Stanton be getting a day out of the lineup so soon?

To answer these questions, break down what the guys saw in the first three games and look ahead to the series against the Orioles, we bring you a new episode of the “Pinstripe Pod” with Chris Shearn and Yankees great Jeff Nelson, including an interview with two-time Yankees World Series champion Roy White.

Pinstripe Pod Opening Segment with Chris & Jeff:

  • THE BATS: Gary Sanchez was a positive with two home runs already. He was also good at blocking balls in the dirt. They do not like Aaron Hicks in the third spot. Aaron Boone will probably adjust the lineup.
  • GIANCARLO STANTON: Fans boo him on…

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