April 21, 2021

Los Angeles Angels fans toss trash cans, jeer Houston Astros in win (ESPN)

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A gray, life-sized, inflatable garbage can was heaved over the right-field scoreboard and made its way onto Angel Stadium’s warning track at the conclusion of Monday’s sixth inning, the latest — perhaps most glaring — indication of the anger that still festers around the Houston Astros.

Moments later, with Jose Altuve up to bat, a real garbage can landed in almost the exact same place, spilling a handful of plastic bottles as it collided with the dirt and interrupted play once more.

The animosity, persistent throughout the course of a four-hour game from the 13,447 fans in attendance, was a continuation of what the Astros experienced in Oakland over the weekend, only this time they didn’t win in spite of it.

“You can tell the amount of hostility and the amount of hatred in the stands,” Astros manager Dusty Baker said after a dramatic 7-6 loss to the Los Angeles Angels, which dropped his team’s record to 4-1. “How many in the stands have never done anything wrong in their life? We paid the price for it. How many people have not cheated on a test or whatever at some point in time. I mean it’s easy if you live in glass houses, but I don’t think anybody lives in…

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