April 12, 2021

Mets’ Steve Cohen era officially gets underway (New York Post)

PHILADELPHIA — So if you are a Mets fan, there is a 99.934 percent chance that you belong to a text thread alongside a few of your other true-believer friends. There is actually a 98.4322257 percent chance (according to Elias Sports Bureau) that you belong to more than one of them, in fact.

Here are a few thread headers that readers have shared with me through the years:

“698621.” (Have to love optimistic fans!)

“41 Forever.”

“Bleeding Blue and Orange (though confusing, because the other members are also Knicks and Islanders fans).”

Well, you’ll be happy — though probably not surprised — to discover that there is at least one text chain of longtime diehard Mets fans which is about to get a significant alteration to it. Because that is how Steve Cohen, Mets fan since the Polo Grounds, intends to spend his first night as the owner of the Mets.

“I’ll be texting some of my buddies along the way,” Cohen said, laughing, maybe seven hours before he would finally see the Mets play a baseball game that counts under his umbrella of stewardship. “It’s certainly something to talk about that’s different and everyone seems to…

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