April 19, 2021

Mets trying to educate hesitant players on COVID-19 vaccine (New York Post)

PHILADELPHIA — The Mets find themselves at a competitive disadvantage, and they’re working toward erasing that.

Isn’t that the most pragmatic way to view team-wide distribution of the coronavirus vaccine?

Team president Sandy Alderson acknowledged on Monday, hours before the Mets finally began their season by taking on the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, that “there has been some hesitation on the part of some players” to get vaccinated, and therefore Tuesday will include some homework. From their hotels, via Zoom, the Mets’ traveling party will meet with an independent medical expert who will preach the benefits of inoculating oneself against the disease that has killed over 550,000 Americans and infected over 30 million in the past year-plus.

In the hopes that will convert some of the hesitant, the Mets will schedule vaccinations on Thursday at Citi Field following their home opener against the Marlins, giving them Friday’s off day to recover from the standard sore arms and any other side effects.

“We want to get as many players vaccinated as possible,” Alderson said. “I think that’s in the best interests of the team. It’s in…

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