April 22, 2021

Mets’ series loss to Phillies cause for concern, but not panic (New York Post)

PHILADELPHIA — The Weather Channel says there will be “abundant sunshine” Thursday, the temperature hitting 66 degrees with an outside chance of ticking 70. Rain? Just a 6 percent chance. It’s going to be one of those baseball afternoons that’ll make you want to channel Ernie Banks if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket:

“Let’s play two.”

If you are luckier, the Mets will play a little differently than they did in their final out-of-town tryout, a listless 8-2 loss to the Phillies on Wednesday afternoon, or else you might have some other familiar phraseology on the tip of your tongue.

“Let’s try to beat the traffic on the L.I.E.,” is one that jumps to mind.

“Can’t anyone here play this game?” is another.

“BOOOOOOOOO!!!” is a reliable old standby.

OK, OK, OK. It’s three games. It’s one series. There’s plenty of ballgame left, plenty of season, 159 games and counting. The 1969 Mets started their season 2-5 and 3-7 and 6-11. The 1986 Mets started their season 2-3. Early April is for working kinks out, setting tone, settling into the season. Check. Check. Check. Check.

You still have to be a little…

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