May 11, 2021

Dodgers: The One Rule Change Cody Bellinger Wants to See With the Defensive Shift (Dodgers Nation)

Major League Baseball will test out banning the shift at the minor league level in 2021. While it’s certainly been a divisive topic among Dodgers fans, it might also be one among players. 

On one side, you have batters who are doing everything they can to reach base. The Dodgers certainly have a few guys that get burned by the shift almost on a daily basis. But you also have the defensive side of things, and pitchers more often than not benefit greatly.

You could argue that no other team in baseball shifts better than the Dodgers. Despite that, Cody Bellinger does have one change he would like to see implemented. The All-Star outfielder thinks that infielders should have to stay…well, in the infield. 

And another one for me personally, I don’t think you need to ban the shift, but I think infielders need to stay on the dirt. I don’t think the shortstop should be in right field taking our hits away.

Bellinger is one of the guys on the Dodgers offense that would probably benefit greatly from a ban on the shift. He went to the opposite field on just 20 percent of batted balls during the 2020 season. In 2019 during his MVP campaign, he went oppo on close…

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