May 15, 2021

Dodgers: What Did Fans Miss Most at Dodger Stadium in 2020? (Dodgers Nation)

Dodgers stadium went 548 days without fans in the stands, but that streak was ended with the opening day festivities that took place this past Thursday. The atmosphere was electric, the roar of the crowd was back, but most importantly, fans could once again watch their beloved Dodgers in person.

Watching games on television is one thing, but there’s so much that is lost without being there in person. Fans were asked what they missed the most from being at Dodgers Stadium during the team’s home opener, and the video below from the LA Times highlights some of their responses.

Plenty of the top answers revolved around the concessions that the stadium offers. Whether it be the $18 beers or the infamous Dodger Dogs, fans sure seemed to miss what the stadium had to offer.

This was apparently the case for many of those that attended these first few games, as the concession stands throughout the park had to deal with large crowds and a lack of social distancing.

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