May 16, 2021

Is Luis Rojas in over his head? feat. Dwight Gooden (New York Post)

Mets podcast Dwight Gooden Amazin' But True
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After going to more than 400 Mets games in my life, I have finally caught a ball. And it happened to be on Jacob deGrom’s 100-mph fastball off the bat of Jazz Chisholm Jr. Should I have thrown it back? Not a chance. It also was the first 0-2 pitch deGrom has given up a homer on in his career.

We debate that question of keeping an opposing team’s home run ball, talk about deGrom not getting run support and the fumbling of Sunday’s game not being postponed before it started. It’s all on the latest “Amazin’ But True Podcast” with Nelson Figueroa and me, featuring an interview with good friend of the program, Doc Gooden.

Amazin’ But True Podcast Opening Segment with Jake & Figgie:

  • CATCHING HOME RUN OFF DeGROM: I caught Chisholm Jr.’s home run ball off deGrom on Saturday. I explained how I ended up in those seats, how it all transpired and why I kept the ball. Figgie argues that I should have taken a picture and then thrown it back on the field.
  • BOOING PLAYERS: It’s way too early to be booing Michael Conforto. It’s been five games with postponements left and right. Give him some time.

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