May 14, 2021

Padres vs. Pirates prediction: Sticking with Yu Darvish (New York Post)

Exciting week … The $212 billion budget is in. Grab-N-Go Gov. Cuomo allotting $29.5B in school aid, $2.4B in rent relief and $25 to the #MeToo movement.

National Pet Day on Sunday. Joe Biden’s dog Major, after barking incessantly during the final round of the Masters got the “Trump” treatment. “Will you shut up, man!” … North Korea pulled out of the Summer Games. Instead it will concentrate on infrastructure, hate crimes and long-range missiles … and who was happier? Mayor de Blasio riding the Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island, pretending New York is back? Or Sam Darnold learning he is trading in his Jet green for Panther blue after New York didn’t have his back?

Here we go. Padres at Pirates and Yu Darvish is up. First the good news. Yu allowed one run in his last start and limited the Bucs to just two hits last year. Now the bad news. We’ve backed Darvish about 10 times and he’s cost us about 1,000 matsuyamas. Yu better show up. 20 units on the Padres.

Padres vs. Pirates prediction Yu Darvish
Yu Darvish makes the Padres a good bet against the Pirates.
Getty Images

Snakebit. Luke Weaver one-hit the Reds over seven innings. Arizona shut out Cincinnati 7-0….

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