May 14, 2021

Dodgers: Luke Raley Gets the Ball Back From His First Big League Homerun (Dodgers Nation)

No matter how long someone plays in the big leagues, you never forget your first homerun in the show. Whether it be a Hall of Fame legend or a 1 and done kind of guy, that big fly sticks with you for life. The Dodgers Luke Raley finally got to experience that on Friday. 

Raley came up and crushed a slider off of Dan Altavilla to tie the game in the top of the 5th. This was after the Dodgers struggled to get anything going off of southpaw Ryan Weathers for the first 3.2 innings. 

The way that Raley ran around the bases with a smile across his face, I wouldn’t be surprised if he never really touched the dirt. He seemed to be floating as he circled the diamond for his first big league homerun. The Dodgers outfielder sprinted into the dugouts to high-five his manager and get all of the love from his teammates. 

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But more importantly, fans wanted to know what happened to the ball. It wasn’t one of those homeruns that landed in a restricted area or away from fans, so we all knew someone had it. I asked the Dodgers rookie about it after the win, and he said that he did get the ball…

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