May 16, 2021

Dodgers: Old Friend Rich Hill is Fed Up With MLB’s ‘Mickey Mouse’ Rule Changes (Dodgers Nation)

There is a reason why Rich Hill was so much of a fan favorite while he was with the Dodgers. The charismatic southpaw captured the hearts of fans all across Los Angeles and his story to get to MLB is absolutely phenomenal. 

So you can understand why someone who fought so hard to get to the big leagues wouldn’t want to see a whole lot of changes. The former Dodgers starter recently spoke about rule changes that the league is looking at testing, and he’s not a fan. 

Hill picked apart MLB’s desire to speed up the game and get the offense more involved. The league has expressed a desire to see more balls put in play. 

Having something else outside of nitpicking about the time of the game. There is so much more that we can get into that is intriguing and exciting for the fans, instead of (risking) the health and safety of the players. I just think that’s something that MLB is missing the mark on. That’s how I feel about it.

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The league is currently test-driving a few wild rule changes in the Atlantic League. They will move the pitching rubber back a little to see if it results in more balls put in…

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