June 14, 2021

Yankees’ life would be easier if they can start scoring more runs (New York Post)

Will Oriole Park at Camden Yards heal the Yankees’ offense like a visit to Key West healed Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines in “Running Scared”?

If it doesn’t, should that send the Yankees running scared?

Stipulated, pitching dominates the game more than ever in 2021. Yet the Yankees’ batsmen aren’t struggling simply relative to recent seasons. They rank among the worst such units in the American League. So when their pitching downshifts from excellent to lousy, as it did Thursday night at Tropicana Field, the result is a 9-1 beatdown at the hands of the Rays — ending their four-game winning streak with a thud.

“We didn’t swing the bats too well. Thankfully we had great pitching,” DJ LeMahieu said. “We swung it just enough to win the series.”

Over their past five games, the Yankees have totaled 12 runs, a little over two per contest. Their 4-1 record during that stretch exemplifies the strength of their pitching, an attribute that certainly would come in handy during the postseason, and it also reflects positively upon their fortitude, given how hard they competed as they endured an unnerving “breakthrough” outbreak of…

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