September 20, 2021

The Yankees just couldn’t resist Joey Gallo trade: Sherman (New York Post)

Joey Gallo is the Yankees compromise. They were on the verge of acquiring a lefty hitter and a defender they badly lacked. It came in a package already quite familiar to their lineup — lots of all or nothing and with the kind of swing holes often exploited by the better teams at the biggest times.

Gallo was pulled from the Rangers’ starting lineup before their Wednesday evening game against the Diamondbacks, with the deal to the Yankees nearing conclusion. The sides were still working to finalize all details late into the night.

If concluded, the team with the second fewest plate appearances and homers by lefty hitters in the majors — yep, how did the franchise that plays with a short porch in right field allow that to happen? — would be adding one of the foremost lefty power hitters in the game.

But it comes in an offensive profile with tinges of Gary Sanchez. Since the beginning of last season, Gallo has 35 homers and a .207 batting average. Gallo leads the majors this year with 74 walks. But take a look at the Texas lineup. If you did, you would never throw Gallo a strike. Perhaps, he will get more of them surrounded by better Yankees…

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