September 20, 2021

Dodgers: Mookie Betts ‘Ready For War’ With the Astros This Week (Dodgers Nation)

Mookie Betts was obviously not with the Dodgers in 2017. When they were getting cheated out of a World Series title by the Astros, Mookie was busy making waves with the Red Sox out in Boston. But that doesn’t mean he can’t hate what they did to the sport. 

The stage is set this week for an epic matchup between the Dodgers and Astros for 2 games in Los Angeles. It will be the first time since the cheating scandal broke that fans at Chavez Ravine will be able to give them the rude welcoming that some of them deserve. 

But despite the fact that Mookie was not with the Dodgers went the scandal happened, he’s ready to go to war for his team. The Dodgers outfielder fired up some teammates after the win on Sunday in Arizona. 

That’s really something for those guys. I wasn’t here, so I don’t have the same emotions that these guys have. But I’m ready for war. I’m on the Dodgers and no matter what my emotions are, I’ve got to ride with my team and we’re ready. 

You can file that one under ‘things that you love to see’. Mookie might not have been part of the Dodgers back then, but he knows what they stole from guys like Clayton Kershaw and Justin…

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